The Importance of Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month

October is full of many things; cooler days and nights, pumpkin spice everything, hay rides, harvests, and Halloween. It's also LGBTQ+ History month! We are honoring this month by curating and displaying an LGBTQ+ Timeline. This project is a labor of love and a proud recovering of the pivotal moments over the last century that has shaped our understanding of the LGTBTQ+ community and allies that have brought to this moment in time.

Uncovering and discovering LGBTQ+ history is a process of pride and inspiration. History teaches us lessons that help shape our tomorrows. It gives context and reminders to our youth that the time and space they live in is because of the courageous women, men and persons who boldly stood for LGBTQ+ humanity and inclusion within the greater society.

Side by Side is amazed at the lessons youth are learning from reading the timeline. For many, this timeline is their first introduction to pivotal moments, dynamic leaders, and political victories that have been integral to creating the world they are growing up in. It also has sparked conversation on the ways our youth are part of history through their process of defining themselves and belonging in the schools and communities they find themselves.

We look forward to deeper conversations and aha moments talking about LGBTQ+ history with the youth and the greater Side by Side family.

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