Delegate-Elect Roem Inspires Trans Youth

Slaying Dragon Roem.png

On November 7th Danica Roem became the first ever openly transgender woman elected to the General Assembly in Virginia. This landmark victory provides transgender youth with a truly amazing possibility model. This past week at our Richmond Transgender Support Group youth wrote letters of congratulation to Delegate-Elect Roem.

Here's just a sample of what our youth sent to Delegate-Elect Roem:

"I'm so proud to be a Virginian right now! You're amazing and strong!"

"Being public about our transgender identities is not easy... Being visible, however, is so beautiful and fulfilling when we get to inspire LGBTQ+ youth to be themselves and embrace their identities. I want to thank you for all the work you've done for the community and let you know that you've inspired me and countless others in Virginia. Keep kicking butt and doing you!"

"You're changing the world and we welcome you with open arms."

Roem Friendship.png

"As a fellow trans person, and someone who also wants to go into politics when I am older, I find you an inspiration! Having visibility is important and having it in a field of work that I want to go into is even cooler."

"Your election win has empowered me to another level! Your confidence, patience, and poise is infectious and radiates throughout the country. I hope to walk along side you as a colleague, as I am majoring in Community Advocacy and Social Policy."

"You are a total badass! I just want to say that because of you, I actually paid attention to the election, and it opened my eyes in so many different ways. Thanks and keep rocking it out!"

"With every jab, you carried on with confidence and a sharp wit. You've showed me that I can do that too."