Lavender Circle Pin.png

The Lavender Circle

The Lavender Circle consists of supporters who have significantly financially contributed to the work of Side by Side in support of LGBTQ+ youth in our communities. We are grateful for their support and leadership. To learn more about the Lavender Circle, contact Ted Lewis.

John Atkins
Benjamin Barbour
Matthew Bauserman
Mark Becker & Erik Deleon
Brian Boyce
Melissa Burroughs & David Sutton
Thurman Cash, III
Chris Clarke & Kathy Benham
Alan Cohn & Gerald Montoya
Wirt Confroy
Doug & Judy Davis
Carter Doswell & Jeff Jacobs
Dale Drake & Michael Donahue
Grant Duffield
Bob Frey & Bill Pisa
Lisa Griffin
Chris & Laura Hahn
Lisa Halberstadt & Jeffrey Lacker
Bill Harrison
Engy Ishak
Jackie Juergens
Hans Karras & Lucius Ang
Bart Lacks
Kristen Lacy
Stacey Lawson & John Redmond
Ted Lewis
Dr. Stuart Medlin & Hon. Beville Dean

SAM Messmer
Brent Morris & Jim Klaus
Robb Moss & Michael Johnson
Gail Farkas Munger
Paul & Kathy Munson
Cynthia Neff
Adam Northup
Sarah Olthoff & Rori Rourk
Randy & Mary Lloyd Parks
Andre Paulette
Marc Purintun & Van Baskins
Anthony & Diane Reale
Tyler Rhodes
Dalal Salomon
Watson Seaman
John & Martha Sherman
Dan & Peggy Siegel
Gregory Smith
Sonjia Smith
Sean Storey & Clay Dye
Chris Svoboda
Kirk & Kelly Tattersall
Michael & Tracy Thorne-Begland
Clayton Vail & Patty McCormack
Marciano Villamiel & Alan Rudnick
David White & Jamie Merling
The Wonder Fund