Side by Side has three $1,000 scholarship opportunities open to our youth for any post-secondary education opportunity. The deadline for 2018 scholarship applications is April 28, 2019 and should be submitted to Emma Yackso at or mailed to PO Box 5542, Richmond, VA 23230. Applications can also be submitted in person to any Side by Side staff member in Richmond, Charlottesville, or Petersburg.

Application Includes:

  • Completed application form

  • 3-Part 1-2 page essay

  • Optional: One letter of recommendation

Applicant Requirements:

  • Identify as LGBTQ+

  • Be 14-20 as of 6/30/18

  • Reside in Virginia

  • Plan to attend some post-secondary education in 2018-2019 academic year

  • Be a current of former Side by Side youth

  • Agree to attend a lunch with scholarship donors

Prime Timers Central Virginia Woody Baldwin Scholarship


Dr. Woodrow W. (Woody) Baldwin was not only our founder; he was our leader; he was our teacher; he was our mentor and without him this wonderful organization would have never come about.  He took a giant step in 1987 when he created Prime Timers in Boston. (August 15, 1987)     In his own words he wrote:  “When he retired in 1982, he vowed to do something for the gay community because he had been closeted during his teaching career. “

“Woody was a professor of business management for 36 years, teaching at UCLA and Simmons College.  While at UCLA, Woody was twice elected most popular professor.  He went to Simmons as director of the School of Business and retained that position for 20 years.    Woody leaves a legacy of having elevated the status of older gay men and contributed to their enjoyment of aging”

Dr. Woodrow W. (Woody) Baldwin died April 21, 2016.   When Woody passed away, he left money to the various chapters to use to enrich the lives of their community.  It is from this gift that the Side by Side scholarship is funded.  Prime Timers Worldwide now has over 8,000 members with over 80 chapters worldwide, located throughout North American, Europe, Israel and Australia.  Prime Timers Central Virginia is affiliated with Prime Timers Worldwide.

Prime Timers Central Virginia is a social, educational and cultural organization that provides gay and bisexual men the opportunity to enrich their lives.  Membership is open to men 21 years and older.

Our members are men who choose to have their social lives enriched by the diverse activities in which our members engage.  No single definition can describe Prime Timers, as they come from all walks of life.  Prime Timers involve themselves in their community with volunteerism, politics, gay issues, arts, entertainment, medical issues, support groups and every other facet of healthy living.   Prime Timers are fathers and caregivers.  They are businessmen and entrepreneurs.  They are workers and they are retired.  Some are always on the go, and some enjoy the quiet company of others at home.   Yet one thing is true of all Prime Timers: they enjoy the opportunities and friendships that develop with other Prime Timers throughout the world.  Prime Timers Central Virginia is very proud to offer a scholarship award to young people of the LGBTQ community and Side by Side.

Carol Storey Memorial Scholarship

Carol was an avid gardener, a loving mother and grandmother, a Side By Side supporter, and a fashion icon! She gave her time and resources to help further LGBT causes and made the world better for LGBT youth and adults alike. Carol especially believed in the mission of Side by Side and wanted LGBT youth to have the support and advocacy they deserve.

Michael B. Huntley & Beth Panilaitis Scholarship

A New York native, Michael Huntley graduated Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts in 1980. This was following a four-year stint in the Navy during the Viet Nam War. The founder of Huntley Design, Michael was the recipient of numerous recognitions, but none brought him more joy than teaching as adjunct faculty in VCU’s Department of Arts and Design. He loved his students and was dedicated to helping them reach their fullest potential.

Michael died at the age of 51 in 2004 after three months of living with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  “It is truly an honor to remember my life-partner through a Side by Side scholarship” says scholarship founder Bill Harrison. "Michael was an early supporter of (then ROSMY) Side by Side when the organization was first established and very much believed in the Side by Side mission, as do I."

Beth Panilaitis served as the Executive Director of Side by Side (then ROSMY) from 2010-2015.  During those 5 years she oversaw tremendous growth in the organization.  Under Beth’s leadership, ROSMY created the first transgender support group for youth in Virginia and began the first ever LGBTQ+ group for middle school youth in the country. Beth was and still is a true leader in the LGBTQ+ community of Central Virginia.  “Her leadership has been of great value not only to LGBTQ+ youth, but also to me as a friend and colleague.  I wanted to honor Beth’s work by including her as part of this scholars,” says Bill Harrison.